Bedroom Live is a unique musical experience designed to give emerging artists a chance to reach the widest possible audience. Acts are invited to play a short set to a select audience in one of the most intimate venues imaginable: a South Wales bedroom. The performances are professionally filmed and edited, before being uploaded to the Bedroom Live YouTube channel and enthusiastically promoted on Facebook and Twitter.   

    Bedroom Live is the brainchild of 22 year-old Josh Bennett, currently studying Documentary Film and Television at the University of Wales, Newport.

    Here, Josh explains what inspired him to start inviting strangers into his bedroom: “Since I moved to Newport three years ago, the area has sadly lost a few music venues to the recession. The idea behind Bedroom Live is to give new artists, who might otherwise struggle to showcase their talent, a platform to get their music heard. Our social reach online is growing rapidly and the response to the videos uploaded so far has been overwhelmingly positive. I’m very excited to see how far this can go.”

    Artists who have performed for Bedroom Live so far include singer-songwriters Ed Stockham,
    Steve Evans (aka. Tortoise in Shoes) and Josh Price (aka. Scriber).

    With the next batch of performances scheduled to be taped later this month, expect to hear some more sweet sounds coming from this particular bedroom very soon.

    Needless to say we love and appreciate what Bedroom Live is trying to do and think there are great things ahead for this wonderful project. Check out some of the fantastic sessions from BL below:

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